This website has been remastered to help you better navigate it. A lot of time and effort has gone into making a website for you. Remember this is a tool for all Squads and also its a way to communicate with your Squads.

Rules for the website:

1) Do not make a new thread. If, you need to make changes to your Squad threads then contact the Webmaster which is DG x XXFREEBIRDXx.

2) Do not post personal information that you don't want anyone to have. Safety and Security is our most trusted friend. 

3) Do not post insults, profanity or upload pictures that are distasteful or be a stumbling block for your fellow members of Deadhouse Gaming. Punishment for doing so will be aggressive. So you are for warned, no exceptions, no excuses.

4) Do not misuse the site in anyway or use our name for anything without consult with the Senior Directors or Head of Operations. This name, site, logo, backgrounds and banner are all owned and restricted by Deadhouse Gaming.

5) If you have a problem with the website take it up with the person higher then your rank (ex. Lieutenant goes to Captain). 

6) Somethings you will not be able to see. If, you can not see it then it wasn't meant for you too. 

7) With the new changes, it is  mandatory for all members of Deadhouse Gaming to utilize this site. Remember it was remastered to make it easier to navigate. 

8) If you do not know what it does do not erase, move or merge any thread without speaking to the webmaster before doing it. He may have a better solution.

9) New changes to the site must go through the Webaster. Again he might have a better way of doing it, or adding things to it. 

10) Play nice, have fun and enjoy the website.