New Website!!!

[LS] DGxIMAGEx a posted Mar 28, 16

Welcome DG to the New/Old website, DG Freebird and I have been working for a few weeks now to get it up and running.  We still have a few more things to do but enjoy.  If you have any questions make sure you go through your Chain as most have been taught the website or may have already found how or where things are.

Thank you,

Senior Director of DG

CrotasXxXSons Hey guys! Srry have no been active yet again...this time due to the fact ik I'm supposed to post to the forum right...
[LS] Artilligrunt11 What's up everyone who is down for some bo3
[LS] xDGx Rumbling69 Hi guys what's up who is down for son cod bo3